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Engineering Services
4801 Woodway, Houston, TX
A Short History
As Manufacturer's Representative for CPI Fluid Engineering, we provide high performance lubricants for compressors and other equipment. Our engineering services include on-site assistance, damage assessment, process studies, and lubricants analysis
What We Do
CPI has long been the industry leader in extreme peformance lubricants for hydrocarbon gas service, refrigeration, food processing and other demanding applications. With the acquisition of CPI by Lubrizol and the subsequent acquisition of Lubrizol by Berkshire Hathaway, we represent the dominant force in high performance lubricants
Our Engineering Services

Hands-On Service and Factory Support

Rolenor is with you throughout your project and for the service life of your equipment. The team available to you includes field engineering services from Rolenor, along with the industry-leading technologies of the CPI Fluid Engineering Division of Lubrizol
  1. Project Services
    CPI lubricants are approved or specified by most major OEM's. Rolenor will visit your project before or after startup to recommend first fill lubricants, based on the process parameters, and ongoing maintenance procedures.
  2. Lubricants Sales
    We provide the complete line of CPI lubricants shipped directly from the factory, with Rolenor logistic support.
  3. Export Services
    With our home office and warehouse in the Uruguay Customs Zone, and a regional warehouse in Cartagen, Colombia, we are able to move our products to your projects with minimal delays throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.
  4. Laboratory Services
    CPI provides clients with free analysis of used lubricants for a wide range of characteristics, including viscosity, moisture level, particle count, total acid number, plus spectrochemical analysis and liquid chromatography
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